Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ain't Easy

Ahh, my life been busy since school has started. Gotta tell you, interior architecture was fun but...... I need to sacrifice my time to sleep, to watch movie, to read books, to shopping, to hang out and so on. Assignments are killing me. Not only one or two assignments in a week but four or five okayyy. And the dateline is on the next week. Yeah, big applause to me.

'Biar bersusah sekarang, bersenang kemudian'. I always keep that in mind if I've got loads of assignments. My dad told me 'Better do, before die'

I am now officially one of the uitm-ers. Thanks to ibu and ayah for the support and give me advice of what course I should take and so on. And nowwww...

You guys can laugh now.

They're so not good at editing! Hishh. I look fat. 

My room is so small for 4 people to live and so freaking hot. At first when I saw my room, I was freaking out coz it is so small and very hot. VERY HOT. I can't sleep because of the hotness plus with mosquitoes that are always craving for my blood.  I'm the only person that the mosquitoes are looking for. My roommates are all just fine. What a life! =.=' but after a while I think my room is so comfy and so clean and so nice for me to get sleep. Haha. Gedik kan? Mula tk suka, now balik kelas je gedik cari bilik. 

Introducing to you my lovey dovey bed. 

Take a look at my timetable!!! 

I have class everyday. Not a single chance for me to have fun. Btw, the one that I cross with a purple pen are not a free time weyyy. That is the time I need to go to studio and get my assignments done. Hah, amik kau! And the books.. hwuargghh not easy man. I need to study architecture about form, space and order. Learn about building construction that include floors, walls, fittings, equipments, roofs, doors, windows, building sites, etc. There's 'S' in every types I just listed so..pikir2 sendirilah! 

And one more! My new pencil case! hihi. I bought it at Typo in Pavilion. Very pretty casing. I love it because it have two compartments. 

Very vintage colour. I love it! Especially the bird. The combination of classic colours are so catchy.  My brother told me it was nice, so apelagi kan! Haha. 

I just bought this book! Yeay, finallyyyy.

After a year, month, day, now I finally buy a book. If and only I have free time, I'm gonna read this book. Ahh tak sabar! And the cleo too! I bought it. Hehe. Emma Watson baby! God, she's pretty! How on earth she can be so very pretty? How ah people look at her? What a lucky girl!

Kay, that's all! Gtg now. See you when I have time to write my blog. Toodles. xx

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