Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pop up!

So long I didn't update my blog. I've been busying watching movies, series, concentrating playing piano and sleeeeeeeping.. haha. I am in holiday mood before I'm going to university. Speaking of university, I have been selected to be one of the uitm-ers. Uitm Shah Alam, Sarjana Muda Senibina Dalaman. Alhamdulillah. I'm so proud to be me.

I don't want to membebel banyak2. That's all. Oh, lupa! My recent pictures. I know you guys are waiting for my photos. I know! I Know! hahaha. *tolong cermin muka anda ezzaty* :p

The second picture is a failure! I try to act crazy but look what I do. Trying to do a gymnastic huh? 
Goodnight everyone! xx 


  1. The second picture is epic! Haha. Dengan bayangan kau kat cermin semua tu. Haha.Zaty, what happened to youu? Haha.

  2. HAHA I know rite! Duduk rmh lama sgt kot. That's why I think. Hehe. I miss u guys!