Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Move To Live, Marines

Sergeant - "I need you to be brave for me, Hector. I need you to be my little marine. Alright? We need to be brave for the others. You know why?"
Hector - "Why?"
Sergeant - "Because marines don't quit"

Damn, that movie was good! 
You guys are stupid if you don't like this movie and critics are stupid as hell! 
I almost telling myself to quit everything I do now and serve myself to the country to be a marine. If this movie was real, I will pickup weapons left and will continue fighting *what?! hahahaha* influence much!

Let me tell you something. This movie isn't just a movie. Its a lesson. It about never giving up on what you fight for, about loyalty and trust, about friendship and tragedy, and how we must deal with it! This movie has taught me this and opened my eyes! I don't care how many people think this movie is stupid or what! 

They are all warriors!!! We all fight for freedom we have in this world, no matter are differences, we will prevail and overcome any obstacle in are path... to all the men and women who have put their life on the line for everyone at home. We as a people need to come together and make this world a beautiful peace.


"CAN'T" is not the code marines live!

p/s Go watch Black hawk down, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific, Battleship, Pearl Harbor, Tears of the Sun, The Thin Red Line etc. Open your eyes and broaden your mind. 

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