Saturday, 12 May 2012

Superb Days

Life is quite interesting when you met a friend that can go anywhere with you. Take their sweet lovely time just to spare their time with you. When I call or text, 'Hey, jom pegi jalan-jalan hari ni', 'Eh, teman aku pegi beli barang', 'Dok, jom ah pegi makan tutti fruti dengan aku kejap lagi', 'Weh, apakata tgok wayang hari ni?', 'Jom pegi gym!', 'Makan BR jom!' and bla bla bla and they reply YES all the time. Goodness, where can I find this kind of people??! 

Well, I'm quite forever alone you know. All kind of stuff I do it alone without accompany, helping or whatsoever. So, I don't really have high hope when come to a 'friendship' thing because I know it was hard to find a friend that can stick with you always. Nowadays, people busy with their personal life, work and so on. Truly said, I really miss my friends. Nine of them. But they are now really busy and cannot really find their time to spend with me. I understand and I really hope I can meet them one day. 

Out of nine, I have my one and only friend that can stick with me. Nadia Amira Othman. Honestly, she is the ONLY one can give me a 'YES' answer without hesitation if I want to go anywhere. Seriously!! I'm not lying. Or she the one who will 'ajak'ing me pegi sana, sini. She is my life saver when I'm bored to death. Haha. Recently, I had spent two days with her. We go here and there sampai sesat. Our objective to keluar was actually to find our mother's day gift. First day, we made a survey. Second day, we bought it. So here is my ibu's present for Mother's Day. 

Inside the box are actually one set of body care from Body Shop. My mom is so in love kalau bab2 kecantikan. Haha. Even though the prices are unbelievable, I won't regret bought these. Bare in mind, segala jasa ibu itu tidak dapat dikira dan dibayar, so tak payah nk berkira sangat dengan ibu-ibu korang okay :)

As for girls who are really like to take picture, WE CAMWHORE. haha. We are totally tak ingat dunia bila dah ade di depan camera. So, here we are;

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