Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Awesome Studio

We had so much fun!!!

It was an awesome day yesterday. No doubt. I had a great time with beautiful people around me. Mixed feelings - excited, happy, anxious, afraid, nervous. Well, I think we need courage to overcome all this mixed feelings. Kay, yesterday.. USS baby! Take note - uss is Universal Studio. Some people really don't get this short form so take note kay. xx. So here we go..

As usual, the universal studio globe

We arrived at uss around 11.40 am something. Our driver was Nadia Amira Othman. My god, I salute this girl sebab berani giler drive dekat singapore. Our transportation - of course a car. Credit to mr.estima and the owner of this car, uncle Rozaini, abah along aka Wan Nurliana Nabila. Then the first place we go right after we arrived at uss was Monster... I forgot the name. It's a show. Very interesting show. 

We can't take photos or video of the show. Maybe they want to keep it private I think. So we only take our pictures. Hehe. As usual camwhore lahh!

Oopps, forget to tell you guys. There were actually eight of us yang pergi. Six girls and two boys. 

From left - FiqaNablia, EzzahNellysa, ElynaAzman, Along (as I mention just now), NadiaAmira (our driver) and me!

And the boys are..

From left - Nazifi and Ashraf.

Back to the Monster, after we watched the show, we go straight ahead to Transformers! Everybody was super excited. First we go to Transformers: The Ride. It was awesome. 3D wehh. Naik 3kali benda ni. Tak jemu. Tak bosan. Sanggup tunggu even line panjang. Haha.

Inside the Transformers: The ride

Then naik cylon. Ezzah was the one yg penakut nak mampus. haha. If you guys see her face, boleh ketawa guling. Pale. Sumpah kelakar. Then bila nak naik human, two of us surrender - ezzah confirmlah! Then Ashraf. Yg ni lagi sorang takut. I think he's afraid of height. Maybe lahh.

If u can see what's behind them - that's the roller coaster! Cylon and Human

Lepas tu, take a time to relax. Then, Nadia sakit pulak. Perut sakit. She has gastric so we understand it. We go back to our car. Chill and relax first in the car and tunggu Nadia back to normal. Sambil tu makan mee goreng and jco doughnuts dalam kereta. Fiqa kott yang bawak mee goreng. If I'm not mistaken. Then 2.45pm something, Nadia was finally okay. Alhamdulillah. Then we plan it first nak pergi mana dulu dalam kereta before we go back to uss. So we plan nak pergi mummy first then shrek. We go as we plan and naik mummy dua kali. haha. Sumpah best!

Then shrek. Shrek 4D was not bad and I really hate the part where donkey sneeze. Goodness, the sneezing splash on our face and the spider part! We can feel it on our leg. Geli.

Our little miss fairy god mother

Then, Ezzah asked us to go ride on shrek roller coaster. We all was like 'okay, ezzah' -.- haha sebab semua ride yang ezzah suruh naik semua boleh bawak beg. Nampak sangat tak thrill. I thought roller coaster tu mcm biasa je but takut jgaklah. haha. It was awesome but can't beat Transformers. hehe.

Then we go to Jurassic Park. At first we wanna go to waterworld tapi Ezzah nk sangat pergi jurassic park so ikutkan jelah. Tapi naik benda ni basahkan baju. So, ezzah, lyna and fqa naik but me, nazifi, ashraf, nadia and wan tak naik. So apelagi, amik gambar lahh. haha

We are actually avoiding daripada baju basah. hehe. While waiting for them, Nazifi and I go check it out the show of Waterworld. At first, boleh masuk and the showtime around 4.30pm so we go called Nadia, Ashraf and Wan to join us but Nadia and Wan don't want to join so I go with the two boys but apparently the show was started already and we cannot go inside. This is sad! Waterworld show is awesome okay. I really like it but tkde rezeki kan. Hmm. So we just need to wait them lah.

Then we go to light action camera. Steven Spielberg work outline. AWESOME.  What a creative person he is!

Here we are before entering to the light, action, camera.

Then semua dah penat. We only take pictures afterwards.

Love you guys to the max! What an amazing day! 
Thanks love. xoxo

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