Sunday, 19 February 2012


On weekends, college did events called 'pendidikan moral' which are only for non-malay students. I think like Hari Usahawan in school but sorry to say, school events are so much better and happier, cooler and more interesting. College events sucks! Enough said. 

Kay, so got this one booth doing henna. From my observation, henna booth can win the 'GirlsBOOTH AWARD' as so many girls surrounded the stall just to have these henna things on their hands and I did it too :) Well, it's kinda fun doing things like this in college. Asyik study je. Boringlah! I choose number 2 and it's look like this; 
Tadaaa! :D

To me, nampak cantiklah but don't know la what other people think kan? 

and there's also BoysBOOTH AWARD! haha. This booth not selling things but they provided games called DOTA. Something like that. I'm not so sure. Boys are so fond with these games. Some are playing and some are watching. The one who played, of course laa concentrate with the games but the one who watched tuhh! Tak pandang kiri kanan langsung. Macam tengok apa. It just pelik seeing them  having so much affection and girls; 'sumpah aku tak faham game ni'. Shooting, fighting, running. Erggh, so not into girls kan?

Papejelah boys. Asal you guys happy. Kay, gtg! Assignments are waiting for me. Gonna update my latest news soon. Bye :*

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