Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fashion Architecture?

Basically, I'm an interior architecture student but... this is what I like to do in my sketches book when I'm bored. Hehe

Shouldn't I do interior? What's up with the dresses? 
Sketches of fashion dresses are just a hobby. I have fun working on it.
Maybe I can do part time job as a fashion designer.
Who knows right?
Still, I'm a designer.
I love both; interior architecture and fashion.

Pray the best for me

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Taty, Nayda, Hafiz

Today was fun! Keluar lagiii. Yeayy. I memang kaki jalan uollsss. Hehe. Double date! Wehehe. Hafiz aka Mona laa untung date dengan kami berdua. Hihi. Yeah right! So, En. Hafiz kite dapatlah date dgn kami berdua today. Lucky you mannn! Haha.

On our way to Setia City Mall. Haha sempat tauu amik gambar.

Red lips babyyy. Sexy babehhh. 

Then, kami meneman En.Hafiz ni bershopping. SALE babe! Haihh. Kalau boleh nak beli semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa okay dah. 

Mona with his trying to act cute face. Haha. Dilemma nak pilih baju mana bdk nihh. Haihh. 

While waiting for Hafiz, we take photo privatelyyy. Hihi. Nanti Hafiz nak join sekali laaa. Haishh. :p

Snap! Yessssss. Sorry Mona. 

What a happy day! Love them both. Friends like u guys are hard to find. Thanks for the day.

Friday, 7 December 2012


Meet my super duper annoying friend ever. 

Name: Amirul Hafiz Hamid
Nickname: Mona
Age: 21
Status: Taken (Bf sery nihh! Jgn memain nk rembat laki org kalau tknk kne tembak dgn senapang gajah)
Hobby: Buli kiteeeee :((
Motto: Tornado twist kt kepala kitee. Hmm.

And lgi satu kawan perempuan yg close. Nur Syafiqah bt Isa. Gmbar tkdee. :(

So, since we are very close, ramai yg ingat we are scandal. SCANDAL?!! YOU CRAZY? Aku tak nak mati awal hoiii. We are close and we have limitations too. Laki perempuan, takkan tak boleh berkawan rapat right? We are best friend and we have 7 semesters to go hoii. We are like sibling kott.


Sumpah mereka2 ini sgtlahh havoc bila dalam kelas. Mcm2 perangai jumpa. But they're super baik and super kacak2, super comel2, super lawa2, super draw, super gooooood in design and superrrrrrr good at making me jealous with their design. Hmm. Anyway, mereka2 ini semua berbakatlahh!

Kann dah cakap! Dia ni suka kacau org. Haishhh. Sery, tgok laki kau ni kacau aku je kerjaa -___-

Inilah hero2 studio kuhh. Emm, yg lain tu smue superman. Cuma yg pakai baju putih tu jee..hmm.. diaa.. hmmm.. bapak kepada superman and wonder woman dalam studio. Hihihihi.
Prof! You're the best! He's our big daddy in our studio. Prof Jazman Shah Amir. Hmm gempak tak nama? Mcm org muda2 gtu. Hehe. He's the nicest, paling sporting and paling disayangi oleh kami2 coz he knows us very well and he treated us mcm anak dia. Prof, lebiuuuu lebih. hihi :p

Rakan2 seperjuangan ku. Nampak tak kteorg ni anak2 yg baik utk prof? HAHA
We are totally like siblings. 
Sumpah rindu mereka ni semua bila balik rumah. 

Walaupun kami ni gila2, kerja tetap buat tauuuu. Prof siap amik gmbar kteorg and ltak kat fb tauu. Hehe.

Prof siap buat description 'anak2 yang rajin' Hehehehe
So when we do our work, we are very serious. Time kerja, kerja. Time main, main.
*he took this photo privately! Tu yg punggung mona pun dia sebat skali. haha*

Bila si gila dah jumpa dgn si gila, dia pun jadi gila. And my lappy pun jadi gila coz mereka ini meng-spam my photo booth. Haihh *geleng kepala*

Kay, that's all! Gonna update soon! 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ain't Easy

Ahh, my life been busy since school has started. Gotta tell you, interior architecture was fun but...... I need to sacrifice my time to sleep, to watch movie, to read books, to shopping, to hang out and so on. Assignments are killing me. Not only one or two assignments in a week but four or five okayyy. And the dateline is on the next week. Yeah, big applause to me.

'Biar bersusah sekarang, bersenang kemudian'. I always keep that in mind if I've got loads of assignments. My dad told me 'Better do, before die'

I am now officially one of the uitm-ers. Thanks to ibu and ayah for the support and give me advice of what course I should take and so on. And nowwww...

You guys can laugh now.

They're so not good at editing! Hishh. I look fat. 

My room is so small for 4 people to live and so freaking hot. At first when I saw my room, I was freaking out coz it is so small and very hot. VERY HOT. I can't sleep because of the hotness plus with mosquitoes that are always craving for my blood.  I'm the only person that the mosquitoes are looking for. My roommates are all just fine. What a life! =.=' but after a while I think my room is so comfy and so clean and so nice for me to get sleep. Haha. Gedik kan? Mula tk suka, now balik kelas je gedik cari bilik. 

Introducing to you my lovey dovey bed. 

Take a look at my timetable!!! 

I have class everyday. Not a single chance for me to have fun. Btw, the one that I cross with a purple pen are not a free time weyyy. That is the time I need to go to studio and get my assignments done. Hah, amik kau! And the books.. hwuargghh not easy man. I need to study architecture about form, space and order. Learn about building construction that include floors, walls, fittings, equipments, roofs, doors, windows, building sites, etc. There's 'S' in every types I just listed so..pikir2 sendirilah! 

And one more! My new pencil case! hihi. I bought it at Typo in Pavilion. Very pretty casing. I love it because it have two compartments. 

Very vintage colour. I love it! Especially the bird. The combination of classic colours are so catchy.  My brother told me it was nice, so apelagi kan! Haha. 

I just bought this book! Yeay, finallyyyy.

After a year, month, day, now I finally buy a book. If and only I have free time, I'm gonna read this book. Ahh tak sabar! And the cleo too! I bought it. Hehe. Emma Watson baby! God, she's pretty! How on earth she can be so very pretty? How ah people look at her? What a lucky girl!

Kay, that's all! Gtg now. See you when I have time to write my blog. Toodles. xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Best Raya 2012

Take a step and come out to go raya!! Wehehe. We plan to go raya together but it was so hard for us to decide which day and date that everyone is free. Balik kampunglah, pegi batu pahat lah, negeri sembilan lah, sedara datang rumah tak geti balik la and the list keep going on panjang. I agree with them. Me myself pun takde masa. But, we managed to go raya together! Alhamdulillah.

At my house. 

Asiah can't join us. She has to go somewhere like family gathering. Hmm, sad! I thought all of us can be there but apparently she can't! :(
Never mind! Next year maybe? We want to jadikan this perjumpaan raya sebagai suatu kewajipan every year, so that our friendship can be last forever. Gahh. I hope so *wink wink*

Rumah Fazlin

Oh, forget to tell! You guys must be wondering, who drives us to go dari satu rumah ke satu rumah. Hehe. *cough cough*

Me! And this girl!
Syaza Amirah :)

People in Syaza's car - Ruzanna, Fazlin, Athirah
People in my car - Ayu, Afiqah, Syeera

We begin our journey at 10.30am. Supposedly, we must arrive at Athirah's house at 10.30am. Tapi... semua janji kosong! Arghh, I just hate waiting! Why can't you guys understand me? 
I woke up at 7am trying not to sleep back and I set an alarm at 8.30am so that I won't terlajak tidur. Siap siap around 9.00am, waiting for them. Bring my phone everywhere cause I'm afraid they will call me or whatsapp. But.. *krik krik krik* I think I can go to sleep.
THEM - person who is late coming to my house - Norhidayu Jamal cum Siti Nor Syahirah (both are in the same car) and this girl! The last person yg datang paling lambatttttttttttttttttt..... *yg pakai baju purple eh* 


Paling sakit hati, I called her and she asked me - "semua dah ada?"
I said "YES" *supposedly marah but still try to act cool*
"Kau kat mana?" I asked
"Hmm, baru keluar bilik air.."
-_____________- *no words* 
KELUAR BILIK AIR? Goshhh, this girl! Menguji keimanan mannn. 
Want to scream but I keep sighing.
Yelahh, I have siap myself around 9am. Sprayed perfume and now ketiak dah berlecak! JUST because waiting for her. 
*geleng kepala seribu kali dalam hati*

After everyone was here in my house, we start our journey. Athirah's house. Her mom was not there. She was all alone in the house waiting for us. 

Athirah's house

And then I realized, me, ayu and zana are wearing same colour of baju kurung.

Then, we go to my house. Afterwards.. tak ingat. Hahaha. 
Last house was rumah zana. 

Zana's house

Zana and me - we camwhoring! Haha. This one was at Afiqah's house

Syaza's house

The hardest part was to say goodbye
 But this girl, she don't want to alih her car. She blocked me! We had a small fight! Haha. 

Then we hugged each other. Hmm so sad! I can't believed it end so soon. :( :(

THEY INVADED MY ROOM! Now they know my secret place of taking picture. 
Look how excited they are! Haha

 "A stranger stabs you in the front; a friend stabs you in the back; a boyfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends only poke each other with straws."

Poke with straws? Doesn't hurt at all!

I'm gonna missed you guys so bad