Monday, 26 December 2011

Good Life

Three days of holiday are superbly fun! Go shopping with family at KL, meet my brother, eat lots of delicious food that can almost kill my stomach, hang out with some friends a day before I go back to college and sleep for a night on my lovely mushy dovey bed. And not to forget, I watched Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol with ibu, ayah, abang, and two lil sis. Oh my, Tom Cruise was actually made my day already. Heh! He's so freaking handsome and that movie was incredibly awesome! The storyline were well written and I kept trying control my bladder so I won't go to toilet. Haha. Sanggup! Only because I don't want to miss out one scene at all. Hehe.

Meet with some friends at Starbucks, Setia Tropika. Then, they spammed my photo booth! We like taking photos okay.


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