Saturday, 29 October 2011

What would my first love be?

Sometimes for just one moment I think 'What would my first love be?'

Girls always wanted to be love and be in love. Thought of being single is okay but it's not okay. You can say that better off being single rather that having someone besides you but one day you will say that having someone to stay and comfort you is much better. And for sure money can't buy happiness. Even you have million or billion money on your accounts, love just come first. Here, the storyline in the movie that I have found it great!

A scripted scene from the movie Millionaire's First Love.

Guy: [rushing towards the doctor. Then, he grabbed his arm to ask..]
"Let her live. Let my Eun-whan live. Please! I'm rich. Try everything. I'll pay. What about a transplant?"
Doctor: "It's too late."
Guy: "Come on, Eun-whan is... she's only 19. I haven't even told her that I like her."
Doctor: "She can't afford to be upset or suprised. And love can kill her. If she gets too happy or excited, her heart could stop."
Guy: "No. No way. That's bullshit!"

(Note: She has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

Another scripted scene from the movie Millionaire's First Love.

Guy: [beeeep!] "How much is 0.1%?"
Lawyer: "Isn't this too early to talk?"
Guy: "How much do i get if I give up my inheritance?"
Lawyer: "Are you? A verbal agreement is also........"
Guy: "I know. How much is it?"
Lawyer: "It's a little shy of what costs to buy the orphanage."
Guy: "Leave the orphanage alone. I'll give it up. I won't eat my words. Get the paper work done. That's your specialty."
Lawyer: "Are you sure you won't regret it?"
Guy: "Won't I regret it? I know I will, after this call. Bye."

[He hanged up the phone; then, he sat down.]

Guy (deeply thinking to himself): "I'll regret it for the rest of my life. But this girl is more important than 99.9% of my inheritance that I'm throwing away."

 How sweet right! Giving up his inheritance for the one he loves. A bad and playboy guy turn out to be a first class lover and willing to sacrifice everything for one girl. Phewww. Now, where's my man?

It will be great if my first love story is like one in those love's movies or drama. Hehe. *in my dream*
I always think why Allah SWT create human to be pair up in this world. Why there must be a girl and a boy, a woman and a man? And why they need each other?

Because we are not perfect. We are not create to be perfect. Perfection comes when both are together and helping each other. That is why Allah create us and one more thing, love is part of the togetherness.  What a greatest creation!

I was hoping that one day I have my first love. Auwww. Hihi. But hey, every girl does want their first love is a part that they will always remember and of course I want it too! :))

And I'm not looking for perfection for my future partner. I just need a person who can guide me in the future and help me, comfort me, stay beside me and always love me. Knowing he would do this, I think I am the happiest girl and definitely he will be the one that I always love.

I'll end up hurting him,
Knowing that, I miss him.
I wanna hold his hands.

And be with him.

What makes me happy now will hurt him later.
But I can't help it.

I'll definitely go to hell.

I can't help it but my future lover will always be my lover and that is me. Once I get clinging on a person I love, I will always be their first and last person they will see. And to future him, if one day I end up hurting you, please don't hate me. I'm just a girl and I make mistake. And if you know it hurts for you to be with me, stay with me because I love you. 

p/s I'm so happy. I'm so happy that I think I'm going to hell  #eunwan. 

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