Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ticket to Success

Exam is just around the corner. My hands cold, my body trembling and headache keep welcoming and say hi to it just wanna make me stressed and depressed. It just matter of time of which whether 'I can finish up all my revision' or 'tawakal and do try my best'. Phewww, to get good or excellent result is very hard. Need to sacrifice every hour, every minute and every second to study before the war start.


Even though I'm taking only four subjects but frankly, don't look at the amount of how many subjects you take but look at the content of every subject that you take and I willing to say that I wanna go back to my childhood again and learn a b c. No tetrachloromethane, hybridisation, limits, differentiation, chrionic villi, prolactin, mammary glands, testosterone, ovary, barium chloride, gamma rays, ammonia and bla bla bla. The list is going to proceed non-stop and I'm going to 'muntah darah'. 

 and junk food is very very important to me when I'm doing my work.

Kind of things I would do when I cannot study anymore
Internet - of course! 
My savior when I almost sink into tears thinking about my exam.


This is what I do when I give up to do my revision
No books and snored till I feel fresh again..
and revise back what I study..
Again and again and again

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