Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rock n Roll

Sem-break is coming!  Weehooo :))))

but the saddest thing is its only two weeks break and that is not enough. Let me repeat NOT ENOUGH :(
So many things I wanna do - wanna go shopping, hang out with my friends, go having some fun with my family, go jogging so that I can start my diet properly. Omoo, diet? haha. Don't laugh but I'm gonna start my diet right after I finish exams. Serious. And the best part is I already calculated my average daily calorie need and my basal metabolic rate.

My basal metabolic rate is : 1251 calories
My average daily calorie need is : 1501 calories
Number of calories I should eat a day to lose weight is : 250 calories

and JOGGING every morning at Istana Garden. It's a must! I'm gonna drive and burn all cholesterol, fats, carbs that have attack my body. InsyaAllah.

Planning for sem-break ;

1. Jogging - of course.
2. think off to go Singapore - masih dlm perancangan.
3. girls day out with my ibu - harus sangat :)
4. out with best friends - have to because I miss them!
5. out with him - maybe.
6. off to KL - jalan-jalan but don't know who want to follow me. Hopefully my friends wanna join ;)

Thats all. Two weeks please, please, please don't move too fast. I'm counting on you. Thanks.

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