Sunday, 16 October 2011

Middle of Nowhere

Again today, faith and destiny is unpredictable ain't it? Having funs with friends today and it came out a little late decision because thought we won't see each other. After all, things are not always as we thought and meeting my besties are the best! Totally made my day. So long haven't meet them and there is change here and there physically and mentally and one of my heartless besties is now got a boyfriend! Wahh, break the record already. She's a heartless person and never tried to have a special relationship but end up, she's the one who got a boyfriend first and not me. Sobs.

Talking about faith and destiny, I meet him today. Yeayy me! Haha. So long I didn't see him and he was a bit different. I don't know from what side the changing but he got something something that slightly different. Maybe his physical. Looks and body. Okay, should stop commenting other people. But seriously, I'm glad to meet him. Passed by him while he was still working just wanna said hello but at the same time, he was actually finished his worked already. Alolo, how lucky am I right? Like I said, faith and destiny is unpredictable. I'm so shy to meet him because its kinda awkward you know, talking to the person that you've dated before and haven't meet for a long time then meet again. You know that feeling. Telling myself, endured it zaty, endured it so that we can have a normal chat like we usually did before. And I made it but still we don't talked too much. He mostly talked with my friends and I am happy to see him cheer and having fun with us. I know he tired after one day working but he's still willing to sacrificing his time just to be with us. He's so kind and considerable person ever! Penat pun still manage to take his precious time for us. How sweet. Ngehehe.

Just so you know, he's willing to accompanied us to Jalan Dobi. It was 8.15pm and we walked and talked and ignored all the hectic surrounding because of the bazaar and deepavali things all the way along the road. I bought a blouse at one of the vintage house and I took my time to glared at him. He was seated tiring but still managed to smile. That's him. Even though he was about like a dead battery but he still can recharged. Likely him.

Lucky me! Thats are what my friends said.

I'm merely looking for a good guy and he came out of nowhere and gave me this kind of feelings and I just stood there without making any responds. Well, thats ME.

Thanks for people who made my day today. May Allah bless you guys. Love you to bits!

Good night :)

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