Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy Eid

Oh my blog, how are you? Mann, hectic life is really getting on my nerves. Can't stop it and have to deal with it. Life is so unpredictable right?

Well, Malaysian people, how is your Hari Raya? Is it good? Do you guys have some fun? If you asked me, my raya was not bad but it was not fun enough. The things is that my hols for raya was so sikit! 6 days was not enough! Seriously. 

The thing here is I just want to say hello to my dearer blog because I've not been updated here and there in here. I really miss to write and a lot to tell but time is really freaking jealous with my free time. Pffttt. 

Say HELLO to my new baju raya;

Meet my grandma. She's totally rock my day with variety of food. That's why I love her.
Love you nenek!

Oh, this is my aunt. She's so lovely in real life you know.

Oh yeah, my parents. Here you go ;

And my sisters ; 


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