Sunday, 26 June 2011

Seth Tan

For this topic, I want to write in Malay. So sorry for the non-malay speaker out there. :))

Okay, aku nak cerita pasal cerita Nora Elena. Siapa tengok cerita tu confirm la first thing yang keluar kat kepala korang especially kepada teenage girls macam aku and for the women who haven't married yet, mesti nak boyfriend slash husband macam Seth Tan kan? Kan kan?? haha.

Aku tak berapa minat cerita melayu sangat but the first drama yang aku memang salut is Nur Kasih. That one memang tak boleh di deny kan because that drama was so good plus the Nur Kasih movie that just came out for the last few months also sangat best. Rugi tak tengok. Credit to Khabir Bhatia and the crew plus the actors. 

Back to Nora Elena. This drama was adaptation from the novel. One thing that you guys should know about me is I like to read novel. Not only English novel but Malay novel too. Actually, title Nora Elena dalam novel is Kasih Yang Suci but entah apa, end up jadi Nora Elena. Tapi takpelah, yang pasti semua actor dalam cerita ni mantopp! 

One thing for sure kenapa aku suka sangat dengan cerita ni is.. of course si Seth Tan tu. Seth Tan buat aku nak tengok cerita ni sampai sanggup tengok online dekat internet kalau tak dapat tengok kt tv. Hebat betul aura si Seth Tan tu kan. Kalau siapa yang tengok cerita tu, tahulahh kenapa aku jadi macam ni. Hanya mereka-mereka yang tengok cerita ni je faham keadaan aku yang angaukan lelaki macam Seth Tan. haha. 

Nak tanya, ada ke lelaki macam Seth Tan tu kat dunia sekarang ni? Tengok pada ratio macam takde. Populasi lelaki pun dah nak hampir pupus. Yang lelaki baik pun semua dah kena rembat dengan perempuan lain. Yang tinggal semua keparat. Yang baik plus hensem plak gay. Mana nak cari lelaki yang penyayang, romantik, adorable, gentleman, berkarisma, smart, sopan, responsible dan dia hanya sayang pada seorang perempuan sahaja?? Susahnyaaaa. hish.

Takpelah, right now aku nak study habis habisan dulu sampai dapat capai cita-cita. Then, baru cari klon Seth Tan. Tak peduli! Nak juga lelaki macam Seth Tan! Kena cari jugak. Dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan. Pray for me people. Thank you. 

p/s Ya Allah, please grant me with a good husband (macam Seth Tan kalau boleh) in the future. Amin. 

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Start For A New Life

I miss blogging! *sigh.

For the past few weeks, I've been really really really busy with a lot of stuff especially about my studying. Pheww! I can't catch my breath easily because starting my life into a new world is really not easy as I thought. It was hectic actually! My class timing is unbelievable - from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Can I kill myself?? Thank God, its only a one year study.

I've found my new friends already. I'm so excited! One of them are Kelantanese. Oh my God, I really didn't expect it! Haha. But unfortunately, I really don't understand any of their Kelantanese words. Thank God, she can speaks well in real Malay but with a little bit of a Kelantanese slang.

Meet Elmy Fazriena :)) (the left hand side heh!)
From: Kelantan

My two other friends are Hajar from Kota Tinggi, Johor and Ida from.. (I didn't remember actually where she comes from). Hee 

One thing I really like and comfortable friend with them is they really understand me inside and outside. They really made my day in Matriculation even though sometimes I give up at a certain thing especially things that are related to study. They comfort me with inspiring words and give support in everything I did. Alhamdulillah. 

I'm taking biology, chemistry and science computer course. This is what sadden me. Actually, I want physics instead of biology but as we know, luck is not always stay beside us. I apply for changing but still, the matriculation authority didn't approve it. I feel depressed! Taking biology in study is like taking back my history subject in school but this one is in the science work and stressfully, the subject is more deeper and deeper. At the moment, I think I give up on matrics but then, my mom, my sis and my friends always trying to support me and give me a spirit. They always says that 'Allah has a better plan for you'. I'll take that as my spirit words every time I enter a biology class. Do pray for me. Who knows, one day I'll become a doctor?? Dr. Ezzaty? Woww! Haha. 

Last week, my mom came to visit me. It was the happiest day in my life. God, I really miss her! 

Be as a Matriks student is great! I'm so thankful because Allah has sent me to these place for me to continue my study. For biology subject, I will take that as a challenge for me to score in exam! I'll do my very best job to succeed well in every subject - Math, Biology, Chemistry, Science Computer and English (MUET). Do pray for me. InsyaAllah, I will make my parents proud of me. Amin. 

p/s Biology, please be good in my life.