Sunday, 1 May 2011

Will and Kate

The first moment when Princess Catherine walked out from the car, all eyes is on her. Her dress, her make up and her beauty. Ahh, she's beautiful and the dress is lovely! Simple yet elegant.

Kate and her maid of honor, Pippa, her sister.

Prince William and Princess Catherine walked down in a very long aisle.

I love this part. The part where's many people waited for. A horse-drawn carriage,

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Second dress alert!!! Oh my God! What else can I say than beautiful???

 Royal Wedding cake. Yummy. Darn it! It's a lovely cake.

I really like the way they look at each other. Full of love. 

Kissing part! Nobody want to miss it.

Auwww! :)

Lucky Kate! I'm so jealous of her. Haha. Fairytale wedding, it's every girl dream. Who doesn't want it right? Congratulation to both of them. May God bless them with a happy marriage and I think Diana, Will's mom is smiling up there. God bless her.

I hope I will find My Prince one day. A Prince who loves me for who I am, will accept my weakness, my flaws and last but not least, will stay beside me forever when I'm sad or happy until my last breath. Pheww. So, where is my PRINCE? 

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