Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Triple A

Ayu, Afiqah, Asiah. Triple A a.k.a best friend! 

When it comes to hanging out with friends, one can be sure that it is going to be absolutely amusing with unlimited fun. The talks seem to go on forever and any silly topic can become a point of lengthy discussion. When I talk with my friends, I don't know why, but I feel so happy and hyperactive until at one point, I think I'm a talkative person ever. I'm a shy person but hanging out with my friends, I'm the queen of talking. In fact a KING! So maybe that's why we had our brunch (breakfast cum lunch) at Sushi King, City Square. Haha.




We watched FastFive movie. Greatest movie ever for this month. No joke. Who haven't watch it, you should watch it RIGHT NOW! 

After movie, gosh my stomach need food! Sizzling Stonegrill.

It's a real blast! 

Maybe this is my last outing with friends because after a few weeks, all of us will be busy with our future. It sadden me because time is moving so fast till I don't realize that we are now 18 years old and we're going to have our future separately without friend's help, not sitting besides me, comforting me if I'm sad, make me smile everyday with jokes and funny things, sharing food, give me inspiring words. My God, I swear I'll miss these moments. At school especially. Things will never happen twice in life and being a teenager in school surrounding with many friends are the best day, best moment, best every second in my life. Who want to forget it?

To you my dearer friends; Ayu, Asiah, Afiqah, Zana, Syaza, Athirah, Syeera and Fazlin. Sumpah korang kawan dunia akhirat aku! I will miss you guys. InsyaAllah, one day all of us will meet again. REMINDER! Kalau nak kahwin, tolong jemput aku! Pas pas kan lah kad jemputan tu ya. Terima Kasih.

p/s Wondering who will get married first? Hurmm...


  1. hai...nampak nye kau x nak ketinggalan tengok diorg kawin.hehe.sedih nye biler pk korang sme nanti ngan kehidupan masing2.sob sob.in the future,klau ada masa kiter kluar yor ramai2.jangan lupa kiteorg plak nanti biler dah bwat keje sendiri2.miss ya...

    p/s:smoga kau b'jaya ngan masa depan kau.kiter jumpe lagi biler masing2 dah kat menara gading.

    from me:syeera

  2. eh, kawan2 aku! mne bleh ketinggalan tgok korang kahwin. haha. InsyaAllah satu hari nnti kite jumpa and keluar ramai2. InsyaAllah tak lupa korang. Thanks syeera. Good luck to you too. Confirm rindu kau sbb kau sama kepala ngan aku baca novel. haha. May Allah bless you!

  3. thanks.may Allah bless you too.i'll miss you and all my friends.

  4. may Allah bless you too.i'll miss all my friends.