Friday, 20 May 2011


Time is moving so fast. All the moment - sweet moment, happy moment, sad moment I'll keep it in my mind. My friends are getting away now. Saturday (tomorrow!), they'll be gone and I'm so sad (when I writing this, I wanna cry). I'm gonna miss them so much! They are my best friends, my sisters and my family. Writing this while hearing the song - Hero by Enrique Iglesias make me wanna be a hero to all my best friends. I want to kiss all their pain, I want to stand besides them forever, I want to be their hero! Friends; Ayu, Fiqa, Zana, Asiah, Athirah, Syaza, Syeera, Fazlin - Would you guys swear that you'll be my best friends forever?

Sometimes I am happy for just one moment. In that one moment I don't think about my problems, I think all the options I have. I think about all the awesome people I meet (my friends), I think about all the great ideas I get, I think about all the adventures, about love, about all the places that I discover with my friends. For that one moment, I am happy to be with them. I have hope that we will meet someday. Wish you guys a happy life and don't ever forget me.

Sorry if I have done something wrong to all of you. Sorry if I being like a jerk before. Sorry if I use bad words to you guys. Sorry if I broke my promises before. Sorry if I stabbed you guys from back and last but not least, sorry I didn't mean to make you guys cry. I'M SO VERY SORRY! Please forgive me. I'm not a perfect person.

Ya Allah, please grant my friends strength, health and happiness.
Please make me a light in their life, 
Make me a source of laughter and smile, 
Just as they have been for me,
Guide them to the straight path, and keep them away from worries and grief.


p/s Please don't forget me. Your friend; Ezzaty Suhaimi. 

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