Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I'm not close with my dad. I always prefer my mom then my dad in everything. I always think that my dad is too harsh on me until at one point I think my dad does not love me anymore. I keep thinking bad when he mad at me and sometimes I loss in thought, 'Why I have this kind of dad?'. When I saw my friends hugged their dad, I feel jealous! My dad is not like their dad.

That is the old story. Don't want to talk anymore. I feel bad when I thinking of it and sob sob :"(

I realize now, dad is my everything. There are many aspects that I don't take and see - how my dad show his loves towards me. I can kill my time to flashback everything that my dad had did for me and now I've realize, he did his very best job to be a good father. Swear to God, I love my daddy so much and I'm so sorry because I always think bad of you.

My dad did a lot of things for our family. He unwaveringly leads, provides for and protects our family. He loves my mom and so do Allah. He works hard on the job and he never gives up on me when I was probably worth giving on. He simply gives strong advice to do what's right. He exercises and eat well. He's not obsessed with making a lot of money, and he knows the importance of living practically. He knows that he is far from perfect and freely admits it. He makes me want to find my future husband exactly like him. I think I'll go crazy if he's gone. MasyaAllah!

So, if you guys have this kind of hatred feelings for your dad, better knock it off! You better refresh back all the things that your dad had did for you from the first you born till now. Then, you will realize, the sacrifices that he had made for you. Tak tahu nak balas budi ayah macam mana. *sigh

Ayah, I really love you! Even if you never showed your love towards me but I know deep down in your heart, you'll always love me as your daughter. I'm so lucky to have you as my dad. May Allah bless you, Ayah for all of your sacrifices. I just want to say - THANK YOU because of you I'm born in this world.

Dad, I may love a lot of man in the future. 
Someday I'll get married to someone out there, but in the end let me remind you that no matter what happen, you'll always be the best guy for me, I love you till forever ends.

p/s I love you, Ayah!

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