Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Secret Garden


Do you guys watch korean drama? I don't know why but nowadays I've seen many people watch it. From what I've observed, many people love to watch korean drama or movies. I'm also one of the many people who love to watch these korean drama. I wonder why? Hmm..

Is it their actors (especially male) are so completely hot? Or their romantic event or romance? Or the story make you laugh? 

Recently, I've just watched secret garden. Seriously, the drama was so great! I cried a lot in this drama. 

Secret Garden

I don't want to tell you what are the stories are about. But I assure you guys to watch this drama. The plot lines are original and happy most of the time and so I just kill my time to watch this drama. But the real reason why I like korean drama is that they really show their emotion through their eyes, if their in love you feel it or they sad you feel it. To me, they act through their eyes and I really like that because you feel everything they feel. I love they're comedy scenes are just dang funny and last but not least, their actress are really good looking. I love it! Go watch secret garden guys! It will never let you down.

p/s Hero and heroin in this drama totally have flawless skin. I'm so jealous! 

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