Monday, 11 April 2011

Out With Best Friends

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Just now, I went to Pelangi. It is a shopping complex. Some of my friends called it Pelangi, some of it named it Carries (I don't know if I spell it right). Actually I went out with some friends. My two best friends-Norhidayu Jamal and Asiah Aisyah Mohd Ali. No hard feelings, no offense for my other six friends. You guys are still my best friends forever (BFF). Hee.

Actually I didn't prepare anything for this outing. Last night, Asiah commented me on facebook and asking me out if I wanted too. And of course I want because nowadays, it is so hard to go out with them since they have so many work to do. So we agreed!

Can you see what's behind me??
Messy right?

My wardrobe is so messy because I'm trying to find my clothes. Sorry for the mess up wardrobe! Kejap lagi kemas ehh.

So that is what I'm wearing to go out. So, dear bloggy, let me introduce to you my two best friends;

Asiah Aisyah bt Mohd Ali

Norhidayu bt Jamal

Sorry for not fully photos. Mereka memang pemalu. Heh!

We lunched at Sushi King. It's totally fun because not so many people in the restaurant. We laughed, we talked and not forget.. we gossiped. Girls, memang tak boleh kalau tak bergosip. It's nature thing you know. We got discount since both of my friends, BEST FRIEND with the service leader. I'm not sure his name. Mr. Juffry, Mr. Jeffry, Mr. Juferi?? Okay, I totally don't remember his name. Sorry, mr whatever your name for the mistakes. Peace no war.

After lunched, we walked.

It is good for digestion you know :)

Suddenly, Ayu had stomach ache. Guardian is the saver! 'Minyak yuyi cap limau' is the cure. Then, we 'lepak' at dunkin donuts. Asiah bought chocolate 'something' drink. It's RM8 something. Damn expensive for one drink and Asiah face.. erkk. (kepada yang mengenali Asiah, anda pasti tahu bagaimana rupa wajahnya) and also not forget to said all the curse words. (kepada yang mengenali Asiah juga, anda pasti tahu apa yang disumpahnya). Hee. okay, I better stop before Asiah mad at me. Sorry babe! :)

Then, Ayu went home with taxi. Asiah went home with me. My mom sent her to her house. We took some pictures. So here it is;

Tired face but still manage to smile
love you Asiah Aisyah

I had so much fun today. Terima kasih, thank you, she-she, nandre, syukran, aligato-hait' to my two best friends. Hope we can go out together again but along with my other six best friends. Complete nine best friends. 

So that's all I guess. 

p/s A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out - Grace Pulpit

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