Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gloomy Sunday

Hello mom, dad, sis, bro, aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa, friends and followers,

Sunday is so boring! I don't know what to do. Thank god, my dear blog always stay with me. I love you blog! Please, always stay beside me bloggy. Without you how am I going to survive? You the only thing that understand my feelings. Okay, I better stop being 'mengada-ngada'.

Actually, my sister is not with me now. not sitting beside me, not in the bedroom and not in the house and not in Johor Bahru. She's in Kuala Lumpur now-school trip and me.. I'm alone in my bedroom and still trying to finish my storybooks that I bought last couple of days. I love storybooks. Books completely can help me to avoid from being bored. The book that I'm reading now-TUNAS by Hlovate.

TUNAS by hlovate-The story is about twins, bestfriends, school-mate, boyfriend, teachers, MSC (minah saleh celup), and school life. You should buy it. It's really a good story and provide you with benefits about.. life-jangan nak berlagak sangat bila mak bapak kau kaya! Okay, thanks for the information. It's a malay storybook. So, sorry for non-malay speakers out there! Hee.

After read it but not finish yet.. sempat ambil gambar sekejap. Heh!

Still trying to smile even though i'm bored
Cheers people! :)

Life is not over right? We have to love our life. It's once in a lifetime. 
That's all for today. Thank you for people who read my blog-if u guys bacalah kan. 

For malays-belilah buku TUNAS by Hlovate. Memberangsangkan. 

p/s Life is too precious, do not destroy it!

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