Saturday, 9 April 2011


Recently, my girlfriends and I went out together. It's such a wonderful day! We went out to KSL City, the shopping complex that just open last december. There is not so many people there but we really don't care! As long as we can enjoy, it really doesn't matter to me. We had our lunch at Seoul Garden. Omg! the food is so nice. We can eat there for hours and RM 25.50 was really worth it. my stomach was blotted. So here comes the food..

Look at the food! We have to cook it actually.

After lunch with my baby girlfriends, we went to Kbox. It's karaoke time! Okay, seriously, I don't like karaoke but because most of my friends love it, so, why don't I try it kan? Taraaa.. the photos ;

Can u spot me? 
The answer is...

NO! because I'm the one who took this picture. I rather took my friends photos than singing actually. Can you see my friends craziness? Look at their faces! Penuh feel right? Haha. 

I love my friends so much. These beautiful girls really made my day. I totally had so much fun. Sometimes a great friend is not someone we knew a long time, but how much we learn to know about each other and accept it. A friend who has touched our lives and leave footprints in our heart. it's them ;

My best friends and girlfriends

p/s Do appreciate your friends. Good friends are hard to find.

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  1. tarbaik laa zaty :) BI kau A+ ehh ? HAHA

    sayang kau melambak lambak <3