Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hello hello hello Thursday!

I went out just now but not with my best friends. This one is a different story. I was accompanied by Mohd Hazzim. City Square was our venue. I don't know, whether wanna called it a date or keluar just for a friend that I knew from tuition. Hmm,, confusing. But this is not our first met. Last time we went out too. So let's called it a second date.

Let me tell you about Mohd Hazzim. I don't have any picture of him. Let it be a secret guy to readers out there. To my fellow friends, you guys knew him so better be quiet okay??

Mohd Hazzim- He's the first guy that I've ever date (keluar berdua). Don't get me wrong, date doesn't mean have to be date DATE right? We just keluar for fun. He's a nice boy slash kind slash good boy slash bla, bla, bla. He's adorable and caring perhaps and not to mention good looking? *ehem *ehem. My bodyguard slash not my driver yet slash money tree. Eh! Haha. Sorry Hazzim.

Okay, what did we do at City Square (CS)? As usual, we watched movie.

Movie-Source Code. Nice movie because hot male actor played as a hero in this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal and Hazzim treat me. Thanks.

Lunch-McDonald and again he treat me. Oh my god! He is my money tree. haha. No lahh. I will treat him one day you know.

Solat Zuhur time. We pray. Don't you ever forget to perform your prayers whenever you are okay readers!

Padini-We bought sweater. Actually one sweater cost RM69.00. But if we buy two, the price turn out to be RM99.00. Cheap right? So, we bought two sweater ; one for me and one for him. This time of course he's not pay. I don't want to burden him. He suffered enough to paid everything for me. May Allah bless him with banyak rezeki.

Machines-Check out my laptop cover.

Seget-Went out with Ayu and Asiah for a while because it was their break time. They work at Sushi King in CS.

MPH bookstore-Check out for new books in store. Don't have much.

Starbucks-One iced caramel macchiato please. Seriously, I don't know how to pronounce 'macchiato'. Berbelit lidah!

Sit and relax while waiting for my mom to come and fetched me.

That's all we did for our outing slash date. Actually we did nothing much.

Anyway, it was blissful to have him by my side. He's a nice guy and one thing I was baffles about is that he never complains about treating me, waiting for me even though I'm late for a movie, accompany me when I'm waiting for my mom to fetch me and leave him for a while because I want to see my friends. Oh lord! And one thing, he still manage a smile for me. Phewww.

I'm so thankful to Allah because if it wasn't Him, I will never meet this man. Alhamdulillah.

And oh! There's one more detail blog that I want to tell you;

To My Future 'You'

You don't have to drive BMW or Mercedes or Audi to be gorgeous. Be an Imam. That's how I define gorgeous. You don't have to have a nice voice and hush me with lovely songs to woo me. Recite the Kalamullah. That's how I'd melt. You don't have to be rich for me to love you. Have a kind heart. That's more than enough. Nobody's perfect. You are nobody. So you are more than perfect for me.

If you want a Muhammad (peace be upon him), you better be an Aisha (r.a).

p/s Credit to him. Mohd Hazzim.


  1. zaty..u knw what..i feel so touched when u write about we no need to show off all we have in this world but we must remember and follow all the rules as a muslimin or muslimah abt focusing love in life..Insya-Allah..if Hazim is the choosen one..he will be yours..never stop to pray..assalamualaikum...

  2. auww, thanks taufik. really appreciate it! :))