Saturday, 9 April 2011

Baby Versus Big Baby

Dear bloggy,

Last thursday, I received something. It's a big box, heavy and simple that written my address under my dad's name. Okay, here's the story. It was nine o'clock in the morning. 9.00 am! Girl like me, still on the bed sleeping and snoring (i'm not sure if i am making the sound). Hee. Kayy, back to the story, while I'm still lying on the bed with my eyes closed...

Mom: Nurul!!!! (reminder! only family can called me with this name)
Me: Uhhh??!! (shocked)

Seriously guys, heart attack okay! Mom, why can't you just go upstairs and wake me up nicely? I thought I was dreaming but then I heard she called my name again. Okay, now I really have to wake up. I went downstairs and my mother gave me a big smile with a box next to her. Big box? Wondering what was inside it. Urmm..

And I opened it.. my new laptop. Ehem ehem. Thank you dad, you're the best lahh! Hee.

My new baby
MacBook Pro

I am a fan of Apple. If you buy anything from Apple, 'satisfied' is the best word I can describe about it. Don't hesitate if you want to buy anything from Apple. They provide a very good quality laptop. So, no worry be happy okay!

While I'm setting up my laptop here and there my sister compare her laptop with mine. Huh!

The left side is mine and the right hand side or I can say the big one is my sister's laptop. Can you see the difference? Her laptop is so big. It's only 2 inch bigger than mine. Well, I don't care as long it is a laptop right? Who cares about the size? It's my baby, no one can touch it!

People out there who want to buy an Apple's laptop please do so. Dijamin halal! It's really worth it. And please, sayangi laptop anda. Please, love your laptop as much as you can because no laptop, no internet. No internet, no life.

p/s Laptop is important for teenage like me who want to further studies

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