Thursday, 28 April 2011


Ali: "Hey, what you doing? I miss you! Okay, I'll see you tonight.. I love you sooo..."

Okay, stop there!

Who do you think is Ali talking to?? Hmmm.

Okay, let's get down to business. What I'm trying to say is 'Have you realize that we have a lot of judgemental people in our society? And they aren't even that perfect.

As soon as they see something they don't like,

"Hey, why are you holding her hands?"
"Why you don't wear a hijab? Bad muslim!"
"What both of you (boy and girl) doing in this room?"

I know what you guys think right now. Bad perception isn't it?

"Apahal diorang dok pegang tangan tu? Tak tahu dosa ke? Apa punya muslim la"
"Kenapalah wanita tu tak pakai tudung? Tak tahu ke setiap rambut yang dia tunjuk tu aurat? Bad, bad, bad muslim"
"Apa diorang buat dalam bilik tu? Maksiat ke? Astaghfirullah"

Keep thinking, keep wondering what the hell are they doing. Bla, bla, bla.

Oh my god people, stop over thinking! Do you know why they do that? Do you know what is actually they really doing? Do you know???

Please people, your mind is working too hard! Don't judge people like that just because from what you see. There must be a reason why they did that. You guys who really love to judge people from the appearance, better stop! I'm saying this because it is really not good for you and of course not for our society too.

Suspend your judgement. If you're on your way to judge people, you need to step back. Train that in yourself. And I know, training yourself is the hardest thing to do.

Because let's face it, for some people, passing judgement is like a reflects. That's why they called it a snap judgement.

Then, consider you don't know. We have to realize that each and one of us are different. We have unique backgrounds, we have unique experiences. Try to think of other explanation and other possibilities that might explain you just saw. Hmm

"Maybe, that girl is his wife"
"Maybe, she's trying to wear a hijab, but her parents disapproves of it"
"Maybe, they have conversation to talk about in private"

If you practice these in your daily lives, InsyaAllah we will have more compassion in our dealings with other people.

If you already have the judgement in your head, like "she's uncivilized, you're bad muslim, bla, bla, bla. You're not giving that person a chance.

Just because the girl don't want to wear a hijab and a brother is holding some girl's hands or whatever, that does not mean that they are less able muslim than us.

"But aren't they doing something wrong?"

Yes, I agree. But that doesn't give you a right to judge them is it? So, leave the judging part to Allah SWT. Before you jump into a conclusion, take a step back and think of other possibilities to explain the situation because things are not always what they seem to be.

Back to Ali.

Ali: sooo much. Okay mom! I gotta go. Assalamualaikum.

p/s Don't judge a book by its cover.
Credit to Mohd Aiman.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Room

Here, I want to show you some photos of my room. How can I fall in love with it!

Sorry for the mess!

Books, books, books
Who doesn't love to read?

Ahh, so beautiful! Isn't it? Haha.

It's my room, of course I'll say it beautiful. If you look at my shelf, you'll know what kind of hobby I like to do. Read storybooks.

White colour is totally cool!

Okay, need to go. I'll be in tuned.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Life is a test

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why i'm born in this poor family? Why my life is not like other people? Why I don't get anything that I want in my life? Why i'm not beautiful/handsome like that girl/boy? Why, why, why?

People keep thinking about why this, why that. But do you know, all these questions are actually a test or trial in life? Life is totally not cool if we don't have any test or obstacles. I'm not saying that I wanted to be test, but if life don't have such things then, what is the purpose of life?

I'm sure that all people have been in this situation ; happy, sad, sorrow, excited, doom and what so ever. It's nature but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that, life must go on whenever you feel down. Don't give up because it's only a test! Allah gives you a test because He wants to see whether you can face it or not. He wants to see your patience, your faith, and of course your sincerity. He will never gives you a test that you can't do it. He knows you well than you yourself.

So, believe in  Allah SWT. All that good comes from Allah SWT and the bad from ourselves. If Allah answers your prayers, then He is increasing your faith. If He delays, He is increasing your patience. If He does not answer, He has something better for you. Everything happens for a reason.

If you cannot face the test or trial He gives you then recite this ;

Anas said that when the Prophet (peace be upon him), was faced with a serious difficulty, he would always supplicate:

"Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyumu, bi-rahmatika astaghithu" which means, "O the Living, O the Eternal, I seek help in Your grace."

p/s Allah SWT is always there besides you whenever you are in trouble.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Hello hello hello Thursday!

I went out just now but not with my best friends. This one is a different story. I was accompanied by Mohd Hazzim. City Square was our venue. I don't know, whether wanna called it a date or keluar just for a friend that I knew from tuition. Hmm,, confusing. But this is not our first met. Last time we went out too. So let's called it a second date.

Let me tell you about Mohd Hazzim. I don't have any picture of him. Let it be a secret guy to readers out there. To my fellow friends, you guys knew him so better be quiet okay??

Mohd Hazzim- He's the first guy that I've ever date (keluar berdua). Don't get me wrong, date doesn't mean have to be date DATE right? We just keluar for fun. He's a nice boy slash kind slash good boy slash bla, bla, bla. He's adorable and caring perhaps and not to mention good looking? *ehem *ehem. My bodyguard slash not my driver yet slash money tree. Eh! Haha. Sorry Hazzim.

Okay, what did we do at City Square (CS)? As usual, we watched movie.

Movie-Source Code. Nice movie because hot male actor played as a hero in this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal and Hazzim treat me. Thanks.

Lunch-McDonald and again he treat me. Oh my god! He is my money tree. haha. No lahh. I will treat him one day you know.

Solat Zuhur time. We pray. Don't you ever forget to perform your prayers whenever you are okay readers!

Padini-We bought sweater. Actually one sweater cost RM69.00. But if we buy two, the price turn out to be RM99.00. Cheap right? So, we bought two sweater ; one for me and one for him. This time of course he's not pay. I don't want to burden him. He suffered enough to paid everything for me. May Allah bless him with banyak rezeki.

Machines-Check out my laptop cover.

Seget-Went out with Ayu and Asiah for a while because it was their break time. They work at Sushi King in CS.

MPH bookstore-Check out for new books in store. Don't have much.

Starbucks-One iced caramel macchiato please. Seriously, I don't know how to pronounce 'macchiato'. Berbelit lidah!

Sit and relax while waiting for my mom to come and fetched me.

That's all we did for our outing slash date. Actually we did nothing much.

Anyway, it was blissful to have him by my side. He's a nice guy and one thing I was baffles about is that he never complains about treating me, waiting for me even though I'm late for a movie, accompany me when I'm waiting for my mom to fetch me and leave him for a while because I want to see my friends. Oh lord! And one thing, he still manage a smile for me. Phewww.

I'm so thankful to Allah because if it wasn't Him, I will never meet this man. Alhamdulillah.

And oh! There's one more detail blog that I want to tell you;

To My Future 'You'

You don't have to drive BMW or Mercedes or Audi to be gorgeous. Be an Imam. That's how I define gorgeous. You don't have to have a nice voice and hush me with lovely songs to woo me. Recite the Kalamullah. That's how I'd melt. You don't have to be rich for me to love you. Have a kind heart. That's more than enough. Nobody's perfect. You are nobody. So you are more than perfect for me.

If you want a Muhammad (peace be upon him), you better be an Aisha (r.a).

p/s Credit to him. Mohd Hazzim.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Royal Wedding

The Prince rode a white horse and approach to the girl he was madly in love with and asking her "Will you marry me?"

The answer.. of course YES! 

Who doesn't want to marry a prince that every girl had dream of? Well, the wish come true for Kate Middleton or Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

Kate Middleton

On April 29th, all eyes will be on Kate and Prince William. It's the biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles married Diana in 1981. In exactly two weeks, Kate Middleton will walk down a very long aisle and be greeted by her very own, Prince Charming. Literally.

You might call it a fairy tale wedding, but I don't think that Cinderella and Prince Charming broke up and  got back together as much as Prince William and Kate Middleton. All their break-ups and make-ups have many wondering whether these two crazy kids will make it.

Come on, skeptics, let them make it to the aisle first! 

I just hope that these Cinderella and Prince lived happily ever after. Long live both of you, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Ahh, isn't she's beautiful?
Lucky her!

p/s I wish I will marry a Prince one day. Hey! Who doesn't want right? 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Secret Garden


Do you guys watch korean drama? I don't know why but nowadays I've seen many people watch it. From what I've observed, many people love to watch korean drama or movies. I'm also one of the many people who love to watch these korean drama. I wonder why? Hmm..

Is it their actors (especially male) are so completely hot? Or their romantic event or romance? Or the story make you laugh? 

Recently, I've just watched secret garden. Seriously, the drama was so great! I cried a lot in this drama. 

Secret Garden

I don't want to tell you what are the stories are about. But I assure you guys to watch this drama. The plot lines are original and happy most of the time and so I just kill my time to watch this drama. But the real reason why I like korean drama is that they really show their emotion through their eyes, if their in love you feel it or they sad you feel it. To me, they act through their eyes and I really like that because you feel everything they feel. I love they're comedy scenes are just dang funny and last but not least, their actress are really good looking. I love it! Go watch secret garden guys! It will never let you down.

p/s Hero and heroin in this drama totally have flawless skin. I'm so jealous! 

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Definition Of 'Baik'

I want to be a better muslimah. The word 'better' always comes to my mind and as a matter of fact, to be a better person is really hard. Damn hard actually. Why is it hard? Why I can't do this? Why am I being like this? What should I do? The questions will keep lingering in my mind.

Can you explain briefly to me what is actually the definition of 'baik'?

Baik tu apa?

People will come out with so many opinions and definition about it. For some people "sesiapa yang beriman dengan Allah tu 'baik'".

Okay, stop there!

Beriman dengan Allah? Hmmm...

Beriman dengan Allah itu macam mana??

See? That's why I cannot define 'baik'. In other words, when I found the answer, another question will pop into my mind. Its so confusing. Till then, I am now in the middle of searching the definition of 'baik'. I know it sounds crazy to do this but if I didn't do it, who else would be? How am I going to keep up my life if I don't know the 'baik' definition precisely? I want to help myself to be a better person and better muslimah. So, I got to do it right?

Let see, if a girl or women who wear a hijab but do not perform their prayers. Baik ke? Or they fully perform their prayers but do not wear a hijab. Baik juga ke?

As for a boy or men, if everyday they recite al-Quran but when it comes to a football, they wear shorts until their knees can be seen. Baik ke? Or they fully perform their prayers but do inappropriate romantic entanglements with their opposite sex. Is it baik?

Think people. Think!

As for me, as long as I do not fully embrace Islam, tak cukup baiklah kiranya. It's about go in Islam thoroughly, then THAT is 'baik'. That is my definition for NOW and still I also not that 'baik' enough but I am still trying to aim it in my life. Just remember, that Allah s.w.t want to see our effort and not the result.

Changing for good is not a crime. I just need to try my best to be in that way. There's a quote says 'You'll never reach perfection because there's always room for improvement'. Yet, along the way to perfection, I'll learn to get better. People go for perfection is obviously for self satisfaction right? If i do it to please everybody else but not myself, what's the point then? I hope fate fares me well. Amin.

Everybody passes numerous paths along the road of life. There's always a dilemma when it come to choosing. You want to be just 'baik' or better 'baik' or just stay as what you are in your life? It's your call. So make up your decision as long as you are still in this world.

p/s Hlovate says 'bukan mudah untuk berubah dari tanpa arah ke sejadah, dari tepi jalanan ke sujud menghadap Tuhan..'

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fix You

Fix You by Coldplay

Please, please, please people. You guys have to listen to this song. The song is so beautiful and I've heard it almost a thousand times but I never tired listen to it.

FIX YOU lyrics

When you try your best but you don't succeed,
When you get what you want but not what you need,
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep,
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face,
When you lose something you can't replace,
When you love someone but it goes to waste,
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home,
And ignite your bones,
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below,
When you're too in love to let it go,
But if you never try you'll never know,
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home,
And ignite your bones,
And I will try to fix you


Tears stream down your face,
When you lose something you cannot replace,
Tears stream down your face,
And I..

Tears stream down your face,
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes,
Tears stream down your face,
And I..

Lights will guide you home,
And ignite your bones,
And I will try to fix you

I think this is a beautiful song. The lyrics are superbly written. The music is dull of atmosphere and emotion. This song speaks to everyone. Not only because of the lyrics but of the piano. I have no sad story to tell, but I can share what I feel when I listen to this song. It reminds me the feeling when nothing goes right, when you think this is the end, that everything's wrong and you can't see the light.

For me, it's like when your down, look at the facts, the past and your past actions and review them.

'When the tears come streaming down your face' - I think this has happened to so many people, cry when you don't want to but you can't avoid it. You feel as such a fool because everything's out of control and you can't even control yourself.

'Lights will guide you home' - To me, it's like..let the destiny do what it has to. When you can't do anything else, when you've tried your best but still things are not how you want them to be, don't give up but don't keep it if it's not the best. Maybe the best is to let it go and later you'll find out. Sometimes we need limits, and when you're young you only know what you want but not what is the best for you. I've learned a lot from my mistakes and other's and I can say proudly that some things that I thought were so bad, weren't at the end of the day and I learned to trust God and destiny when there's nothing left to do.

I think this song is also about taking chances life gives us, don't stay there and wait for life to go. You have to take what life gives you and if you don't like it, change it and turn it into something great. At the end, when you do everything and still destiny is an unfair player, I'll be there for you, whenever you need me, I'll stay to fix you.

What more can I say when I am madly, deeply, passionately in love with this beautiful song. Great composition coldplay! I am your BIG fan.

Coldplay, do you miss me?

This is only my poor opinion as a teenager but I hope it can be useful to someone out there. I love writing.
COLDPLAY, you guys rock!

p/s Listen to all Coldplay songs. It never let you down. Trust me.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Out With Best Friends

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Just now, I went to Pelangi. It is a shopping complex. Some of my friends called it Pelangi, some of it named it Carries (I don't know if I spell it right). Actually I went out with some friends. My two best friends-Norhidayu Jamal and Asiah Aisyah Mohd Ali. No hard feelings, no offense for my other six friends. You guys are still my best friends forever (BFF). Hee.

Actually I didn't prepare anything for this outing. Last night, Asiah commented me on facebook and asking me out if I wanted too. And of course I want because nowadays, it is so hard to go out with them since they have so many work to do. So we agreed!

Can you see what's behind me??
Messy right?

My wardrobe is so messy because I'm trying to find my clothes. Sorry for the mess up wardrobe! Kejap lagi kemas ehh.

So that is what I'm wearing to go out. So, dear bloggy, let me introduce to you my two best friends;

Asiah Aisyah bt Mohd Ali

Norhidayu bt Jamal

Sorry for not fully photos. Mereka memang pemalu. Heh!

We lunched at Sushi King. It's totally fun because not so many people in the restaurant. We laughed, we talked and not forget.. we gossiped. Girls, memang tak boleh kalau tak bergosip. It's nature thing you know. We got discount since both of my friends, BEST FRIEND with the service leader. I'm not sure his name. Mr. Juffry, Mr. Jeffry, Mr. Juferi?? Okay, I totally don't remember his name. Sorry, mr whatever your name for the mistakes. Peace no war.

After lunched, we walked.

It is good for digestion you know :)

Suddenly, Ayu had stomach ache. Guardian is the saver! 'Minyak yuyi cap limau' is the cure. Then, we 'lepak' at dunkin donuts. Asiah bought chocolate 'something' drink. It's RM8 something. Damn expensive for one drink and Asiah face.. erkk. (kepada yang mengenali Asiah, anda pasti tahu bagaimana rupa wajahnya) and also not forget to said all the curse words. (kepada yang mengenali Asiah juga, anda pasti tahu apa yang disumpahnya). Hee. okay, I better stop before Asiah mad at me. Sorry babe! :)

Then, Ayu went home with taxi. Asiah went home with me. My mom sent her to her house. We took some pictures. So here it is;

Tired face but still manage to smile
love you Asiah Aisyah

I had so much fun today. Terima kasih, thank you, she-she, nandre, syukran, aligato-hait' to my two best friends. Hope we can go out together again but along with my other six best friends. Complete nine best friends. 

So that's all I guess. 

p/s A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out - Grace Pulpit

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gloomy Sunday

Hello mom, dad, sis, bro, aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa, friends and followers,

Sunday is so boring! I don't know what to do. Thank god, my dear blog always stay with me. I love you blog! Please, always stay beside me bloggy. Without you how am I going to survive? You the only thing that understand my feelings. Okay, I better stop being 'mengada-ngada'.

Actually, my sister is not with me now. not sitting beside me, not in the bedroom and not in the house and not in Johor Bahru. She's in Kuala Lumpur now-school trip and me.. I'm alone in my bedroom and still trying to finish my storybooks that I bought last couple of days. I love storybooks. Books completely can help me to avoid from being bored. The book that I'm reading now-TUNAS by Hlovate.

TUNAS by hlovate-The story is about twins, bestfriends, school-mate, boyfriend, teachers, MSC (minah saleh celup), and school life. You should buy it. It's really a good story and provide you with benefits about.. life-jangan nak berlagak sangat bila mak bapak kau kaya! Okay, thanks for the information. It's a malay storybook. So, sorry for non-malay speakers out there! Hee.

After read it but not finish yet.. sempat ambil gambar sekejap. Heh!

Still trying to smile even though i'm bored
Cheers people! :)

Life is not over right? We have to love our life. It's once in a lifetime. 
That's all for today. Thank you for people who read my blog-if u guys bacalah kan. 

For malays-belilah buku TUNAS by Hlovate. Memberangsangkan. 

p/s Life is too precious, do not destroy it!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Just Me

Assalamualaikum friends and followers,

Today I am a bit excited. I don't know why and I want to show my dearer blogger out there and of course my lovely followers-my photos. Hope you guys gonna like it. It's actually show my craziness who loves to take photos alone. Hee. It's just me people.

Me and my lovely sister

Me, sister and mummy
Isn't our faces are same?

Me and my little sister

I'm the photographer

p/s Taking picture is fun!

Baby Versus Big Baby

Dear bloggy,

Last thursday, I received something. It's a big box, heavy and simple that written my address under my dad's name. Okay, here's the story. It was nine o'clock in the morning. 9.00 am! Girl like me, still on the bed sleeping and snoring (i'm not sure if i am making the sound). Hee. Kayy, back to the story, while I'm still lying on the bed with my eyes closed...

Mom: Nurul!!!! (reminder! only family can called me with this name)
Me: Uhhh??!! (shocked)

Seriously guys, heart attack okay! Mom, why can't you just go upstairs and wake me up nicely? I thought I was dreaming but then I heard she called my name again. Okay, now I really have to wake up. I went downstairs and my mother gave me a big smile with a box next to her. Big box? Wondering what was inside it. Urmm..

And I opened it.. my new laptop. Ehem ehem. Thank you dad, you're the best lahh! Hee.

My new baby
MacBook Pro

I am a fan of Apple. If you buy anything from Apple, 'satisfied' is the best word I can describe about it. Don't hesitate if you want to buy anything from Apple. They provide a very good quality laptop. So, no worry be happy okay!

While I'm setting up my laptop here and there my sister compare her laptop with mine. Huh!

The left side is mine and the right hand side or I can say the big one is my sister's laptop. Can you see the difference? Her laptop is so big. It's only 2 inch bigger than mine. Well, I don't care as long it is a laptop right? Who cares about the size? It's my baby, no one can touch it!

People out there who want to buy an Apple's laptop please do so. Dijamin halal! It's really worth it. And please, sayangi laptop anda. Please, love your laptop as much as you can because no laptop, no internet. No internet, no life.

p/s Laptop is important for teenage like me who want to further studies


Recently, my girlfriends and I went out together. It's such a wonderful day! We went out to KSL City, the shopping complex that just open last december. There is not so many people there but we really don't care! As long as we can enjoy, it really doesn't matter to me. We had our lunch at Seoul Garden. Omg! the food is so nice. We can eat there for hours and RM 25.50 was really worth it. my stomach was blotted. So here comes the food..

Look at the food! We have to cook it actually.

After lunch with my baby girlfriends, we went to Kbox. It's karaoke time! Okay, seriously, I don't like karaoke but because most of my friends love it, so, why don't I try it kan? Taraaa.. the photos ;

Can u spot me? 
The answer is...

NO! because I'm the one who took this picture. I rather took my friends photos than singing actually. Can you see my friends craziness? Look at their faces! Penuh feel right? Haha. 

I love my friends so much. These beautiful girls really made my day. I totally had so much fun. Sometimes a great friend is not someone we knew a long time, but how much we learn to know about each other and accept it. A friend who has touched our lives and leave footprints in our heart. it's them ;

My best friends and girlfriends

p/s Do appreciate your friends. Good friends are hard to find.

Hello World!

I'm new here. Just create my own blog and I thought it was hard to make a blog, but it is actually easy! since this is my first blogging thing so I really don't have much too say. Hopefully I can always updating my blog so that I can keep my dearer blogger outside there... be my followers. Hee.

p/s Have a nice day people!