Friday, 30 December 2011


I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find and explore the world. I don't believe in puppy love, a temporary love for an adolescent. I thought I'm ready to have a partner or we can say a 'declare' thing but now I realize, it's not the time yet. Really. And I'm so sorry for what I have said. I'm sorry for being like this and give you hope that is apparently not so sure. Sorry for disappoint you and sorry if one day you're being jilted by me. I'm selfish, yes. I'm such a jerk, yes. I'm so evil, yes. You can say anything about me but I'm just being myself. I don't want to hurt people and I don't want to play other people's feelings. I'm sorry for the things I do that make you feel like I don't love you, care about you and cause you pain. I'm sorry for the times that I have broken your heart, made tear drops fall down your cheeks and for being so cold, selfish and unkind to you. I'm sorry for how bad I hurt your feelings that make you feel unloved and alone feeling afraid to love and trust again. I'm sorry for not loving you the way you love me and for not caring for you as you care for me. I truly and honestly hope you can forgive me.

It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone right?

But I try my best. Sure. But love cannot be force right? Just perhaps I can manage all these thing in the right way as long it does not hurt people around me. 

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
-Marilyn Monroe-

Monday, 26 December 2011

Good Life

Three days of holiday are superbly fun! Go shopping with family at KL, meet my brother, eat lots of delicious food that can almost kill my stomach, hang out with some friends a day before I go back to college and sleep for a night on my lovely mushy dovey bed. And not to forget, I watched Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol with ibu, ayah, abang, and two lil sis. Oh my, Tom Cruise was actually made my day already. Heh! He's so freaking handsome and that movie was incredibly awesome! The storyline were well written and I kept trying control my bladder so I won't go to toilet. Haha. Sanggup! Only because I don't want to miss out one scene at all. Hehe.

Meet with some friends at Starbucks, Setia Tropika. Then, they spammed my photo booth! We like taking photos okay.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Breaking Dawn - A Perfect Wedding

Twilight saga has teach me about love :)
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are the perfect couple.

And Bella! I'm so jealous of you. You've got Edward, his love and your wedding is superbly beautiful.
Beautiful wedding dress. No, the gown was incredibly beautiful and well worth the wait. In a wedding sequence under the shade of a white-flowered tree, in the back yard of the Cullen house, Bella clutches Charlie’s arm deliriously as they walk down the aisle toward Edward. She’s a mess of nerves. And I love the part while she walked down the aisle toward Edward, Turning Page instrumental by Sleeping At Last used as the music background. And when they vowed to each other, they used the song of their first dance during prom scene in Twilight (Flightless bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine) and I can't even begin to described  how I reacted when this played during Breaking Dawn wedding.. I almost cried. 

Perfect wedding, perfect couple, perfect love 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Off to Austria

Vienna, Austria. Next year on 30th April or 1st May, I'm off to Vienna. InsyaAllah. Will be staying there for a couple of months if possible. Taking flight alone and my aunt will fetch me over there. Oh, cannot wait anymore. Cannot wait to leave Malaysia and leaves all the pain, the suffer that I've been going through all these while. Wohoo.

p/s I want to make many friends over there. Need to start learning the language now :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dreams, wishes, hopes

I have these dreams. I have these wishes. I have these hopes.

I hope all the dreams and the wishes come true because,

and all I need is

Put my trust in Him.
Turn to Allah.
He's never far away.
Raise my hands and pray.

"Ya Allah, Guide my steps don't let me go astray. You're the only one that showed me the way." 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Credit to Hazzim and Nadia

Credit to Mohd Hazzim for today. Thanks for treat me movie and secret recipe. Thanks for spending your time with me and thanks for these lovely bracelet for my birthday present even its over already. I love it.

After meeting him, I rushed go to secret recipe at Setia Tropika just wanna meet this beautiful lady, Nadia Amira. I had so much fun. Thanks to her too and my sister for the lovely day.

p/s I will never forget the day and date we met :))

Saturday, 29 October 2011

What would my first love be?

Sometimes for just one moment I think 'What would my first love be?'

Girls always wanted to be love and be in love. Thought of being single is okay but it's not okay. You can say that better off being single rather that having someone besides you but one day you will say that having someone to stay and comfort you is much better. And for sure money can't buy happiness. Even you have million or billion money on your accounts, love just come first. Here, the storyline in the movie that I have found it great!

A scripted scene from the movie Millionaire's First Love.

Guy: [rushing towards the doctor. Then, he grabbed his arm to ask..]
"Let her live. Let my Eun-whan live. Please! I'm rich. Try everything. I'll pay. What about a transplant?"
Doctor: "It's too late."
Guy: "Come on, Eun-whan is... she's only 19. I haven't even told her that I like her."
Doctor: "She can't afford to be upset or suprised. And love can kill her. If she gets too happy or excited, her heart could stop."
Guy: "No. No way. That's bullshit!"

(Note: She has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

Another scripted scene from the movie Millionaire's First Love.

Guy: [beeeep!] "How much is 0.1%?"
Lawyer: "Isn't this too early to talk?"
Guy: "How much do i get if I give up my inheritance?"
Lawyer: "Are you? A verbal agreement is also........"
Guy: "I know. How much is it?"
Lawyer: "It's a little shy of what costs to buy the orphanage."
Guy: "Leave the orphanage alone. I'll give it up. I won't eat my words. Get the paper work done. That's your specialty."
Lawyer: "Are you sure you won't regret it?"
Guy: "Won't I regret it? I know I will, after this call. Bye."

[He hanged up the phone; then, he sat down.]

Guy (deeply thinking to himself): "I'll regret it for the rest of my life. But this girl is more important than 99.9% of my inheritance that I'm throwing away."

 How sweet right! Giving up his inheritance for the one he loves. A bad and playboy guy turn out to be a first class lover and willing to sacrifice everything for one girl. Phewww. Now, where's my man?

It will be great if my first love story is like one in those love's movies or drama. Hehe. *in my dream*
I always think why Allah SWT create human to be pair up in this world. Why there must be a girl and a boy, a woman and a man? And why they need each other?

Because we are not perfect. We are not create to be perfect. Perfection comes when both are together and helping each other. That is why Allah create us and one more thing, love is part of the togetherness.  What a greatest creation!

I was hoping that one day I have my first love. Auwww. Hihi. But hey, every girl does want their first love is a part that they will always remember and of course I want it too! :))

And I'm not looking for perfection for my future partner. I just need a person who can guide me in the future and help me, comfort me, stay beside me and always love me. Knowing he would do this, I think I am the happiest girl and definitely he will be the one that I always love.

I'll end up hurting him,
Knowing that, I miss him.
I wanna hold his hands.

And be with him.

What makes me happy now will hurt him later.
But I can't help it.

I'll definitely go to hell.

I can't help it but my future lover will always be my lover and that is me. Once I get clinging on a person I love, I will always be their first and last person they will see. And to future him, if one day I end up hurting you, please don't hate me. I'm just a girl and I make mistake. And if you know it hurts for you to be with me, stay with me because I love you. 

p/s I'm so happy. I'm so happy that I think I'm going to hell  #eunwan. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rock n Roll

Sem-break is coming!  Weehooo :))))

but the saddest thing is its only two weeks break and that is not enough. Let me repeat NOT ENOUGH :(
So many things I wanna do - wanna go shopping, hang out with my friends, go having some fun with my family, go jogging so that I can start my diet properly. Omoo, diet? haha. Don't laugh but I'm gonna start my diet right after I finish exams. Serious. And the best part is I already calculated my average daily calorie need and my basal metabolic rate.

My basal metabolic rate is : 1251 calories
My average daily calorie need is : 1501 calories
Number of calories I should eat a day to lose weight is : 250 calories

and JOGGING every morning at Istana Garden. It's a must! I'm gonna drive and burn all cholesterol, fats, carbs that have attack my body. InsyaAllah.

Planning for sem-break ;

1. Jogging - of course.
2. think off to go Singapore - masih dlm perancangan.
3. girls day out with my ibu - harus sangat :)
4. out with best friends - have to because I miss them!
5. out with him - maybe.
6. off to KL - jalan-jalan but don't know who want to follow me. Hopefully my friends wanna join ;)

Thats all. Two weeks please, please, please don't move too fast. I'm counting on you. Thanks.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ticket to Success

Exam is just around the corner. My hands cold, my body trembling and headache keep welcoming and say hi to it just wanna make me stressed and depressed. It just matter of time of which whether 'I can finish up all my revision' or 'tawakal and do try my best'. Phewww, to get good or excellent result is very hard. Need to sacrifice every hour, every minute and every second to study before the war start.


Even though I'm taking only four subjects but frankly, don't look at the amount of how many subjects you take but look at the content of every subject that you take and I willing to say that I wanna go back to my childhood again and learn a b c. No tetrachloromethane, hybridisation, limits, differentiation, chrionic villi, prolactin, mammary glands, testosterone, ovary, barium chloride, gamma rays, ammonia and bla bla bla. The list is going to proceed non-stop and I'm going to 'muntah darah'. 

 and junk food is very very important to me when I'm doing my work.

Kind of things I would do when I cannot study anymore
Internet - of course! 
My savior when I almost sink into tears thinking about my exam.


This is what I do when I give up to do my revision
No books and snored till I feel fresh again..
and revise back what I study..
Again and again and again

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy Eid

Oh my blog, how are you? Mann, hectic life is really getting on my nerves. Can't stop it and have to deal with it. Life is so unpredictable right?

Well, Malaysian people, how is your Hari Raya? Is it good? Do you guys have some fun? If you asked me, my raya was not bad but it was not fun enough. The things is that my hols for raya was so sikit! 6 days was not enough! Seriously. 

The thing here is I just want to say hello to my dearer blog because I've not been updated here and there in here. I really miss to write and a lot to tell but time is really freaking jealous with my free time. Pffttt. 

Say HELLO to my new baju raya;

Meet my grandma. She's totally rock my day with variety of food. That's why I love her.
Love you nenek!

Oh, this is my aunt. She's so lovely in real life you know.

Oh yeah, my parents. Here you go ;

And my sisters ; 


Middle of Nowhere

Again today, faith and destiny is unpredictable ain't it? Having funs with friends today and it came out a little late decision because thought we won't see each other. After all, things are not always as we thought and meeting my besties are the best! Totally made my day. So long haven't meet them and there is change here and there physically and mentally and one of my heartless besties is now got a boyfriend! Wahh, break the record already. She's a heartless person and never tried to have a special relationship but end up, she's the one who got a boyfriend first and not me. Sobs.

Talking about faith and destiny, I meet him today. Yeayy me! Haha. So long I didn't see him and he was a bit different. I don't know from what side the changing but he got something something that slightly different. Maybe his physical. Looks and body. Okay, should stop commenting other people. But seriously, I'm glad to meet him. Passed by him while he was still working just wanna said hello but at the same time, he was actually finished his worked already. Alolo, how lucky am I right? Like I said, faith and destiny is unpredictable. I'm so shy to meet him because its kinda awkward you know, talking to the person that you've dated before and haven't meet for a long time then meet again. You know that feeling. Telling myself, endured it zaty, endured it so that we can have a normal chat like we usually did before. And I made it but still we don't talked too much. He mostly talked with my friends and I am happy to see him cheer and having fun with us. I know he tired after one day working but he's still willing to sacrificing his time just to be with us. He's so kind and considerable person ever! Penat pun still manage to take his precious time for us. How sweet. Ngehehe.

Just so you know, he's willing to accompanied us to Jalan Dobi. It was 8.15pm and we walked and talked and ignored all the hectic surrounding because of the bazaar and deepavali things all the way along the road. I bought a blouse at one of the vintage house and I took my time to glared at him. He was seated tiring but still managed to smile. That's him. Even though he was about like a dead battery but he still can recharged. Likely him.

Lucky me! Thats are what my friends said.

I'm merely looking for a good guy and he came out of nowhere and gave me this kind of feelings and I just stood there without making any responds. Well, thats ME.

Thanks for people who made my day today. May Allah bless you guys. Love you to bits!

Good night :)

Friday, 5 August 2011


Hello lovely people! Whassup? Everything okay? Wahh, long time no see and no update my blog. Busy with studying and stuff like that huh. What to do? Ain't that a life for a student like me? Cehh. Sudah kau zaty! *bajet rajin. haha. 

Don't you guys miss me??? (siapa je rajin baca blog aku kan *wondering)

I don't have anything to write actually. Just finish my exam and I'm so hip hip hurray yang tak terkatalah kann. :))
Siapa tak suka kalau exam dah habis kan? (happy mcm exam final je)
Exam ni UPS aka Ujian Pertengahan Semester padahal! ;p

English - urghh, writing was okay. Speaking? Wassalam dulu laa.
Chemistry - kalau kimia ni manusia, dah lama aku tembak kasi mati dulu!
Maths - auww, my fav subject! No worry be happy :)
Biology - I woke up at 3am just to study this freaking organelles.. and not to forget dengan FUNCTION sekali ehh. -.-
Science Computer - why why why soalan tu nk berbelit! straight to the point la paper maker! Hailaa 

and NOW my eyes swollen bagai nk legam kat bawah mata and plus my face macam orang tinggal separuh nyawa dah ni. My God! Ni baru UPS. What if final exam? Agak-agak kepala pun botak sebab tension. Erkk

But instead of these tensi tensi (tension) punye benda, I've managed to get some fun from my beloved friends in here. Three days before exam kiteorang buat kerja gila. I spam my photo booth and also my iMovie. haha. See laa our pictures yang tak berapa nak sopan. Minta maaflah, ni bila dah jumpa kengkawan memang macam gini. Sopan tak sopan. Kira halal laa. Kalau ada aksi kuak tonggeng ke, kuak lipat ke - SORRY! Pardon us for this :)

Wohooo :D

I told u right?! I totally spam my MacPro. Nasib tak hang! If not I die first laa.
Eh jap nak tanya, cun tak girlfriends dekat atas ni semua?? =D
They are single but not available because their heart are already set on Him (Allah SWT).
It's true and fact
Please don't euww or 'poyolah budak ni' or what so ever.
Because that's what we are.
Korang nak cakap ape ke, kutuk ke..
Sungguh aku tak kesah! 

Wait, asal tetibe aku nak emo ni? Tak pasal-pasal pulakk. haha.
Tak tahu nak cakap ape dahh. I think that's all for today. If I'm free I'll update my blog as soon as possible with the latest news of me *macam artis tak? haha
Tataaa :*

Eh lupa! For Muslims, wish u Selamat Hari Raya Puasa.
Ni nak kasi korang tips buat pahala banyak-banyak time puasa.

Earn high reward with the Ramadhan High-Way Code:

No eating or drinking while fasting (yg ni of course la kan)
Lower your gaze
No arguing or fighting and avoid sins
No swearing, lying and backstabbing
No smoking and try quitting for good
Don't waste time on useless activities
Do not listen to music (this one is hard to get rid off)
Pray all your five daily salaah's on time
Study and learn Islamic knowledge
Recite and learn the Holy Qur'aan
Do lots of dhikr
Make lots of duaa
Give in charity and help the poor

So, I guess that's all. Hopefully u guys make use of the tips sebab bila lagi nak tambah pahala kalau bukan pada bulan yang baik ni kan. 
Off to bed now.
Good night.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wanita Solehah Lebih Baik Dari Bidadari Syurga

All these words tears me;

Wanita solehah tidak boleh sembarangan mencintai lelaki. Lelaki yang paling wajar dicintai oleh wanita solehah ialah Nabi Muhammad SAW. Ini kerana Nabi Muhammad SAW adalah pembela nasib kaum wanita. Baginda telah mengangkat martabat kaum wanita daripada diperlakukan dengan kehinaan pada zaman jahiliyah, khususnya oleh kaum lelaki. Ajaran yang dibawa oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW juga berjaya menyempurnakan budi pekerti kaum lelaki. Ini membawa keuntungan kepada kaum wanita kerana mereka mendapat kebebasan dalam kawalan dan perlindungan keselamatan oleh kaum lelaki. 

Iaitu dengan mengikuti ajaran Nabi Muhammad SAW menjadikan bapa atau suami mereka berbuat baik dan bertanggungjawab ke atas keluarganya. Demikian juga dengan kedatangan Rasulullah SAW telah menjadikan anak-anak tidak lupa untuk berbakti kepada ibu mereka, contohnya seperti Uwais Al-Qarni. Salah satu tanda kasih Baginda SAW terhadap kaum wanita ialah dengan berpesan kepada kaum lelaki agar berbuat baik kepada wanita, khususnya ahli keluarga mereka. Rasulullah SAW sendiri menjadikan diri dan keluarga baginda suri teladan kepada kaum lelaki untuk bagaimana berbuat baik dan memuliakan kaum wanita. 

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Orang mukmin yang paling sempurna imannya ialah yang paling baik akhlaknya, dan yang berbuat baik kepada ahli keluarganya.” (Riwayat Abu Daud dan Tirmizi) Lagi sabda Rasulullah SAW, “Sebaik-baik kamu adalah yang terbaik terhadap keluarganya; dan aku adalah yang terbaik dari kamu terhadap keluargaku. Orang yang memuliakan kaum wanita adalah orang yang mulia, dan orang yang menghina kaum wanita adalah orang yang tidak tahu budi.” (Riwayat Abu ‘Asakir). Tapi betul ke wanita solehah itu lebih baik daripada bidadari syurga? 

Daripada Umm Salamah, isteri Nabi SAW, katanya(di dalam sebuah hadis yang panjang): Aku berkata, Wahai Rasulullah! Adakah wanita di dunia lebih baik atau bidadari?” Baginda menjawab, “Wanita di dunia lebih baik daripada bidadari sebagaimana yang zahir lebih baik daripada yang batin.” Aku berkata, “Wahai Rasulullah! Bagaimanakah itu?” Baginda menjawab, “Dengan solat, puasa dan ibadat mereka kepada Allah, Allah akan memakaikan muka-muka mereka dengan cahaya dan jasad mereka dengan sutera yang berwarna putih,berpakaian hijau dan berperhiasan kuning….(hingga akhir hadis)” (riwayat al-Tabrani).

Terkejut bila membaca hadis ni dan ingin berkongsi bersama rakan-rakan lain. Sungguh tinggi darjat wanita solehah, sehingga dikatakan lebih baik daripada bidadari syurga. Semoga hadis ini menjadi inspirasi bagi kita semua dalam memperbaiki diri agar menjadi lebih baik daripada bidadari syurga. InsyaAllah.. Tapi, bagaimana yang dikatakan wanita solehah itu? Ikuti kisah berikut, semoga kita sama-sama beroleh pengajaran. 

Seorang gadis kecil bertanya ayahnya, “Ayah ceritakanlah padaku perihal muslimah sejati?” Si ayah pun menjawab, “Anakku,seorang muslimah sejati bukan dilihat dari kecantikan dan keayuan wajahnya semata-mata.Wajahnya hanyalah satu peranan yang amat kecil,tetapi muslimah sejati dilihat dari kecantikan dan ketulusan hatinya yang tersembunyi. Itulah yang terbaik”. Si ayah terus menyambung, “Muslimah sejati juga tidak dilihat dari bentuk tubuh badannya yang mempersona,tetapi dilihat dari sejauh mana ia menutupi bentuk tubuhnya yang mempersona itu".

"Muslimah sejati bukanlah dilihat dari sebanyak mana kebaikan yang diberikannya ,tetapi dari keikhlasan ketika ia memberikan segala kebaikan itu.Muslimah sejati bukanlah dilihat dari seberapa indah lantunan suaranya tetapi dilihat dari apa yang sering mulutnya bicarakan.Muslimah sejati bukan dilihat dari keahliannya berbahasa,tetapi dilihat dari bagaimana caranya ia berbicara dan berhujah kebenaran".Berdasarkan ayat 31,surah An Nurr,Abdullah Ibnu Abbas dan lain-lainya berpendapat,"Seseorang wanita islam hanya boleh mendedahkan wajah,dua tapak tangan dan cincinnya di hadapan lelaki yang bukan mahram". (As syeikh said hawa di dalam kitabnya Al Asas fit Tasir). “Janganlah perempuan -perempuan itu terlalu lunak dalam berbicara sehingga menghairahkan orang yang ada perasaan dalam hatinya,tetapi ucapkanlah perkataan yang baik-baik”. (surah Al Ahzab:32). “Lantas apa lagi ayah?”sahut puteri kecil terus ingin tahu. “Ketahuilah muslimah sejati bukan dilihat dari keberaniannya dalam berpakaian grand tetapi dilihat dari sejauh mana ia berani mempertahankan kehormatannya melalui apa yang dipakainya. Muslimah sejati bukan dilihat dari kekhuwatirannya digoda orang di tepi jalanan tetapi dilihat dari kekhuwatirannya dirinyalah yang mengundang orang tergoda".

"Muslimah sejati bukanlah dilihat dari seberapa banyak dan besarnya ujian yang ia jalani tetapi dilihat dari sejauh mana ia menghadapi ujian itu dengan penuh rasa redha dan kehambaan kepada TUHAN nya,dan ia sentiasa bersyukur dengan segala kurniaan yang diberi.Dan ingatlah anakku muslimah sejati bukan dilihat dari sifat mesranya dalam bergaul tetapi dilihat dari sejauh mana ia mampu menjaga kehormatan dirinya dalam bergaul”. 

Setelah itu si anak bertanya, ”Siapakah yang memiliki criteria seperti itu ayah?Bolehkah saya menjadi sepertinya?mampu dan layakkah saya ayah?”.
Si ayah memberikan sebuah buku dan berkata,”Pelajarilah mereka!supaya kamu berjaya nanti.INSYA ALLAH kamu juga boleh menjadi muslimah sejati dan wanita yang solehah kelak,malah semua wanita boleh”. Si anak pun segera mengambil buku tersebut lalu terlihatlah sebaris perkataan berbunyi ISTERI RASULULLAHApabila seorang perempuan itu solat lima waktu ,puasa di bulan ramadhan ,menjaga kehormatannya dan mentaati suaminya,maka masuklah ia ke dalam syurga dari pintu-pintu yang ia kehendakinya”.(riwayat Al Bazzar)
P/S: "Seindah hiasan adalah WANITA SOLEHAH"

Friday, 15 July 2011

Pra U huh?

Who says my life no fun?? 

Perhaps a scientist one day?

Siapa cakap KMJ takde dewan kuliah?

Siapa cakap KMJ tak best?

Who says Kolej Matrikulasi Johor is not beautiful?

Sunday, 10 July 2011


I'm not happy with my life for now. I don't know why but this is what happening to me at this time, at this moment and at this second.

Frankly speaking, away from home is one of the factor. Getting older is not that easy. Last time, I thought become an adult was fun. We get new friends in university, we get a degree, we get a job, we have our own money, we can buy our things on our own and bla, bla, bla.

Well, I want to tell you something.

Even when you feel fine with your adult's life now, deep down inside your heart you will always want your childhood life back. I think this is what happening to me.

I am studying right now and it was away from home and this is my first time that I was far away from home. Even it was a one year study but still, I want to go home. Even I found a new friends but still, I want my old friends back. Even I was in Matriculation College right now but still, I want my kindergarten, primary and secondary school back. Even I can go outing on my own right now but still, I want to go out with my family. Even I try bear with my new life right now, but still I want my childhood life back. Can that still return back?? *sigh

It's impossible.

Life must go own because past is past. There is no return back. Future is the focus. I always tell this in myself.

The fight will be on my own right now.

p/s Ya Allah, please grant me strength, health and happiness. Amin.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Seth Tan

For this topic, I want to write in Malay. So sorry for the non-malay speaker out there. :))

Okay, aku nak cerita pasal cerita Nora Elena. Siapa tengok cerita tu confirm la first thing yang keluar kat kepala korang especially kepada teenage girls macam aku and for the women who haven't married yet, mesti nak boyfriend slash husband macam Seth Tan kan? Kan kan?? haha.

Aku tak berapa minat cerita melayu sangat but the first drama yang aku memang salut is Nur Kasih. That one memang tak boleh di deny kan because that drama was so good plus the Nur Kasih movie that just came out for the last few months also sangat best. Rugi tak tengok. Credit to Khabir Bhatia and the crew plus the actors. 

Back to Nora Elena. This drama was adaptation from the novel. One thing that you guys should know about me is I like to read novel. Not only English novel but Malay novel too. Actually, title Nora Elena dalam novel is Kasih Yang Suci but entah apa, end up jadi Nora Elena. Tapi takpelah, yang pasti semua actor dalam cerita ni mantopp! 

One thing for sure kenapa aku suka sangat dengan cerita ni is.. of course si Seth Tan tu. Seth Tan buat aku nak tengok cerita ni sampai sanggup tengok online dekat internet kalau tak dapat tengok kt tv. Hebat betul aura si Seth Tan tu kan. Kalau siapa yang tengok cerita tu, tahulahh kenapa aku jadi macam ni. Hanya mereka-mereka yang tengok cerita ni je faham keadaan aku yang angaukan lelaki macam Seth Tan. haha. 

Nak tanya, ada ke lelaki macam Seth Tan tu kat dunia sekarang ni? Tengok pada ratio macam takde. Populasi lelaki pun dah nak hampir pupus. Yang lelaki baik pun semua dah kena rembat dengan perempuan lain. Yang tinggal semua keparat. Yang baik plus hensem plak gay. Mana nak cari lelaki yang penyayang, romantik, adorable, gentleman, berkarisma, smart, sopan, responsible dan dia hanya sayang pada seorang perempuan sahaja?? Susahnyaaaa. hish.

Takpelah, right now aku nak study habis habisan dulu sampai dapat capai cita-cita. Then, baru cari klon Seth Tan. Tak peduli! Nak juga lelaki macam Seth Tan! Kena cari jugak. Dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan. Pray for me people. Thank you. 

p/s Ya Allah, please grant me with a good husband (macam Seth Tan kalau boleh) in the future. Amin. 

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Start For A New Life

I miss blogging! *sigh.

For the past few weeks, I've been really really really busy with a lot of stuff especially about my studying. Pheww! I can't catch my breath easily because starting my life into a new world is really not easy as I thought. It was hectic actually! My class timing is unbelievable - from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Can I kill myself?? Thank God, its only a one year study.

I've found my new friends already. I'm so excited! One of them are Kelantanese. Oh my God, I really didn't expect it! Haha. But unfortunately, I really don't understand any of their Kelantanese words. Thank God, she can speaks well in real Malay but with a little bit of a Kelantanese slang.

Meet Elmy Fazriena :)) (the left hand side heh!)
From: Kelantan

My two other friends are Hajar from Kota Tinggi, Johor and Ida from.. (I didn't remember actually where she comes from). Hee 

One thing I really like and comfortable friend with them is they really understand me inside and outside. They really made my day in Matriculation even though sometimes I give up at a certain thing especially things that are related to study. They comfort me with inspiring words and give support in everything I did. Alhamdulillah. 

I'm taking biology, chemistry and science computer course. This is what sadden me. Actually, I want physics instead of biology but as we know, luck is not always stay beside us. I apply for changing but still, the matriculation authority didn't approve it. I feel depressed! Taking biology in study is like taking back my history subject in school but this one is in the science work and stressfully, the subject is more deeper and deeper. At the moment, I think I give up on matrics but then, my mom, my sis and my friends always trying to support me and give me a spirit. They always says that 'Allah has a better plan for you'. I'll take that as my spirit words every time I enter a biology class. Do pray for me. Who knows, one day I'll become a doctor?? Dr. Ezzaty? Woww! Haha. 

Last week, my mom came to visit me. It was the happiest day in my life. God, I really miss her! 

Be as a Matriks student is great! I'm so thankful because Allah has sent me to these place for me to continue my study. For biology subject, I will take that as a challenge for me to score in exam! I'll do my very best job to succeed well in every subject - Math, Biology, Chemistry, Science Computer and English (MUET). Do pray for me. InsyaAllah, I will make my parents proud of me. Amin. 

p/s Biology, please be good in my life.